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My Response to Fear

Fear has to have a place and will demand my attention, so these homework assignments gives fear a voice, embrace that voice and make a plan, but without allowing fear to control the plan. It’s my life.

Petticoat Junkshun

Last week, fear wrote me a letter with it’s list of possible catastrophes and that list really only took about three minutes to write. Even after sleeping on it, fear couldn’t add to the list. That was a relief.

When I posted on social media, (and I was scared to do that too, but it’s done!) I got some great response, but I failed to mention a really important detail to this exercise that Gilbert explains. Fear is part of me. Fear is going to go on every journey. It is going to be a part of every decision in my life. It’s time I stop being afraid of fear and just embrace it. Maybe then, it won’t control me. At least I am going to approach this with curiosity.

So I have to take it with me. Fear has to have a place and will demand my attention, so…

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Like any other human, I have fears, plans, joys. I engage in bad self-talk and I am at a crossroads as I get older because we get to watch our loved ones die more often now. We have mental illness in our family and I am still trying to understand it and strive to encourage success in my loved ones and crush the stigma. I am a culinary artist, group fitness instructor. I love nature and I enjoy writing about my heart on my sleeve.

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