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Forgiveness Challenge: Day 8

forgiveness also forces us to break through and show ourselves-even the broken parts glued together with a silver lining.

Petticoat Junkshun

So I read another person’s post and I can relate to the hurt.
I thought it would be a good idea to disclose that although I am writing a challenge that is a linear time frame, forgiveness is more cyclical and for some, chaotic.
So some days may take longer than others or you may want to revisit a day. I am still mulling over evaluation. However, I want to share something I heard in a mediation yesterday. There is a Japanese concept called Kintsugi, which means to repair something broken using an epoxy with gold, silver or platinum dust that illuminates the breaks as part of the object. Kintsugi shows history.

That’s part of what makes forgiveness so hard. Some of our history is painful. Reparation takes work and forces us to show our vulnerability and emotions. We live in a culture that teaches us to…

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Like any other human, I have fears, plans, joys. I engage in bad self-talk and I am at a crossroads as I get older because we get to watch our loved ones die more often now. We have mental illness in our family and I am still trying to understand it and strive to encourage success in my loved ones and crush the stigma. I am a culinary artist, group fitness instructor. I love nature and I enjoy writing about my heart on my sleeve.

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