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Forgiveness Challenge: Day 7

Remember the offense or hurt. How do you feel about it now? Does it bring up the same raw emotions or do you have a different perspective or both? How has it affected your life? How does it still affect your life? Do you still seek an apology? Do you want something in your life to change that is impacted by the offense? Does the offender even know?

Petticoat Junkshun

I was aiming to have a post about forgiveness every day. I laugh at myself because of this far reaching goal. A) This is a tough topic to mull through and B) I went to the Grand Canyon.

I guess my traveling hiatus was a good way to come back fresh and commit to the next challenge, which is to re-evaluate my grievances.

Before, I continue that, let me revisit my experience of forgiving myself. It’s been an anxious and annoying return from our trip. Part of the trip was anxious and annoying because we arrived in pouring rain and it was cold. My husband and I did something wrong with the tent and water pooled and dripped inside making sleep cold and uncomfortable. I was not my most gracious self and all of us were grouchy and took it out on each other. I love the outdoors and I…

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Like any other human, I have fears, plans, joys. I engage in bad self-talk and I am at a crossroads as I get older because we get to watch our loved ones die more often now. We have mental illness in our family and I am still trying to understand it and strive to encourage success in my loved ones and crush the stigma. I am a culinary artist, group fitness instructor. I love nature and I enjoy writing about my heart on my sleeve.

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