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Forgiveness Challenge: Day 6

Maybe you have done and said things you feel badly about now. Try apologizing without conditions. And, take care of yourself because you are probably pretty cool.

Petticoat Junkshun

So thinking of empathy was a bit of a wash for me because I went in circles about the hurts and offenses again. I was stuck in a rut. I remember committing the same hurts and although, I have moved on, I feel guilty about the hurts I have caused. While I repair my offenses through apologies and compassion, I feel better and I hope my victim does too. I am impatient with my offenders and want them to provide me the same compassion. I guess we both need more time and that is how I can be more compassionate and forgiving.
I also think that an abused person can’t always muster empathy for their abuser. Empathy is not a rule for forgiveness. Yet, there is research that claims forgiveness decreases symptoms of PTSD allowing for post-traumatic-stress growth.

screenshot_20181010-061557_calm Screenshot from my Calm App meditation Guidance for today.


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Like any other human, I have fears, plans, joys. I engage in bad self-talk and I am at a crossroads as I get older because we get to watch our loved ones die more often now. We have mental illness in our family and I am still trying to understand it and strive to encourage success in my loved ones and crush the stigma. I am a culinary artist, group fitness instructor. I love nature and I enjoy writing about my heart on my sleeve.

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