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Forgiveness Challenge Day 11

When that anger and hurt overtakes us. Just breathe. After you breathe, call it what it is. Hurt. Frustration. Anger. Despair. Repeat it until you feel its power fade a little.

Petticoat Junkshun

I blew my top. I really should keep up with writing practice because it really helps. It’s my creative way to manage stress. Earlier in this series, I talked about Megan Bettencourt’s process of “noticing.”  Noticing when that old hurt comes up and the emotions attached to it. Today’s meditation also recommended noticing and labeling the feeling or activity to eliminate its power. 

Like these trees in a recent storm, imagine your roots growing deep and broad during emotional *storms*

I guess I have some lessons to learn.  Blowing up isn’t the best way to communicate my boundaries.

After everyone calmed down, I did finally find the words. The words to communicate my worries, my grievances and my boundaries. Our power dynamic is uneven because one of the people happens to be my son and I feel like I have the upper hand although I don’t. At least not if…

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Like any other human, I have fears, plans, joys. I engage in bad self-talk and I am at a crossroads as I get older because we get to watch our loved ones die more often now. We have mental illness in our family and I am still trying to understand it and strive to encourage success in my loved ones and crush the stigma. I am a culinary artist, group fitness instructor. I love nature and I enjoy writing about my heart on my sleeve.

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